GIIPS 2022
Multi-dimensional forces forge ahead to build a new IP ecology of information and communication

Nov 23 (15:00-18:20)

Seminar A prior to the conference: Judicial practice of antitrust law
Seminar B prior to the conference: ICT Pledge Financing, Patent Pool, Exploration of Intellectual Property Operations

Nov 23 whole day

Hot issues of standards essential patents in the ICT field:
Analysis of the overall trend of standards essential patents in 5G and 6G fields, and the trend and interpretation of SEP litigation in the field of global communications, ICT standards essential patents and antitrust law, negotiation strategies and suggestions of standards essential patents, authentication of SEP permit and pricing in the field of IoT, interpretations and applications of negotiation rules of FRAND permit of different countries from the perspective of the judicial trial court, exploration of jurisdiction right of SEP global rates in the communications field, how to interpret the application of anti-suit injunction in the SEP parallel proceedings in cross-judicial jurisdiction?

Nov 25 morning

Intellectual property management of enterprises, trade secret, data compliance, export control:
Practices and thinking of intellectual property management of enterprises, hot issues of practical management of ICT enterprises trade secret and rights protection, ICTS reviews and administrative orders on sensitive data, interpretation of the impact of Data Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law on Chinese enterprises

Nov 25 afternoon

Industrial design, open-access software, integrated circuit:
Protection of industrial design patents in the ICT industry, challenges and countermeasures of intellectual property protection in the innovative development of integrated circuit industry. How shall enterprises respond to and keep themselves away from NPE lawsuits? Hot issues regarding intellectual property of open-access software in the ICT field will be discussed from multiple perspectives